February Final Frontier


Hey ladies and gents, thank you so much for tuning in to our last February podcast featuring space. I know, I know, it’s March lots went on, and not only are we a little late, but our sound for this podcast is a little less desirable, we recorded in separated places and the sound was not being nice.  We appreciate all the support and would like to thank our $15 Starbucks card winner for tuning in and giving us the magic word. It’s not really magic but he made appear a $15 dollar gift card, I call that magic! Check us out and listen in to the magic work in this podcast to win a $15 gift card to Starbucks. For March our theme is March Music Madness and we have with us a special guest, he will also be playing some tunes for us!!! Check us out this week for this awesome podcast! Thanks again! Peace! 

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